Survey results – Who’s supporting who at the World Cup!

So a week ago, I asked my Facebook friends which team they would be supporting during the 2014 World Cup. From past experiences, many people come out of hibernation at the end of a tournament claiming they have always supported the winning team. Because most of my friends are either Zimbabwean (country of birth) or South African (country of residence) – both not present at the tournament – the choices of support usually (not always) serve also as a prediction. I received a fair number of comments too. Admittedly it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. And there could be no better time to revive a neglected passion than the opening day of the World Cup. The World Cup is probably the biggest sporting event in the world, which can mean two things: there are so many subjects to write about but on the other hand, there are so many people out there writing something. This means, a piece must be unique (well every piece must be) to attract any sort of attention. One can write about anything from ‘The Return of football to its home’ to the protests surrounding the event, from my failed/futile attempts to go to Brazil to the incredible commercials surrounding the event. We could give facts & figures, but that will be for another day. So I thought I would write a simple blog showing those random responses.

This is a summary of the 24 responses given: (number of votes – country)

9 – Germany

5 – Brazil

4 – England, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria

3- Spain, Cameroon

2 – France, Holland, Portugal

1 – Argentina

That’s 24 responses and the percentages are as follows:

37.5 % – Germany

21% – Brazil

16% – England, CIV, Ghana, Nigeria

12.5% – Spain, Cameroon

8% – France, Holland, Portugal

4% – Argentina

That means a whopping 37% of my (responsive) friends will be backing Germany to take this, while 21% think Brazil will do it on their home turf. There are many African loyalists (16% who back Ivory Coast, Ghana & Nigeria to succeed (whatever that success may mean. Surprisingly, only 8% are backing France, Holland & Ronaldo’s Portugal and just 4% with Messi’s Albicelestes (sky blue and whites). Enjoy the games guys..